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The Ironic Chefs are currently a group of six couples in the Boston area who meet for dinners at each others' houses about once a month. The group was started in 2002 by Bob and Laurel, patterned after a gourmet group that Bob's parents had long participated in.

The way the dinners work is: The host couple for a particular dinner chooses a theme and makes a main course and provides a beverage based on that theme. Each of the other attending couples brings an assigned course (usually appetizer, side, or dessert) and accompanying beverage based on the same theme. The themes are most often cuisines (Greek, Provençal) but we have also done ingredients (rice, chocolate) and a number of seasonal themes ("Harvest" in the fall, barbecue in the summer, "Aphrodisiacs" near Valentine's Day), among others.

We call ourselves the "Ironic Chefs" because, well... because we needed a name. Also, although this web site looks mostly humorless, some of us have serious senses of humor. Oh, and we like to cook, or at least to eat and drink what we've cooked (that's the "Chefs" part).

This web site is primarily for the members of the group. It provides a place to post the schedule and cooking assignments, and to document what has gone before. It also allows us to share recipes and ideas from past dinners with each other and with those outside the group.