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We don't know of any specifically Thai grocery stores in the greater Boston area.

The best options we know of are:

  • Super 88, the Chinese supermarket chain, has many Thai ingredients, including coconut milk, nampla, canned curry pastes, galangal, Thai basil, Thai chilies, and shallots.

    We have never seen lime leaves there, and we're not sure they have banana leaves either. Their cilantro recently has been the rootless variety.

    Locations include Allston, Malden, and the giant store in South Bay.

  • Sunrise Market is a small grocery store right next to Blanchard's in Allston that seems to cater to both Southeast Asians and Hispanics. This could be a one-stop shopping trip for your Thai meal, if you can find a parking space. They have banana leaves, in the freezer in the far back, palm sugar, and often but not always lime leaves, in the refrigerated cases on the left, with the basil. The last time we were there their shallots were absolutely huge, which makes for less peeling when you're using a lot of them. They don't seem to carry krachai (fingerroot). Their cilantro hasn't had roots recently.
  • Truong Thinh is one of a number of Vietnamese groceries scattered along Dorchester Ave, south of the Columbia Rd exit off the SE Expwy. When we were there, they had both banana leaves (again, frozen) and lime leaves. The only thing we couldn't seem to find there that we were looking for was krachai (fingerroot).
  • Reliable Market, the Korean market in Union Square, Somerville, is a favorite haunt from when we used to live in Somerville, although we do call them the Not-So-Reliable Market for the way they often seemed to be out of the kind of curry paste we wanted. They have a few basic Thai ingredients, including coconut milk, canned curry pastes, and nampla.