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Where to find ethnic groceries in the Boston area.


Russo's is an amazing produce market on Pleasant St in Watertown that seems to carry just about every kind of ethnic vegetable or fresh herb you could possibly want.


There is a company (in Arlington?) that makes injera and apparently distributes it via random convenience stores in Cambridge. The one we know about is Ferro's Food Town on Rindge Ave near Alewife, and we have read reports about other stores near Porter Square carrying the same.

Ethiopian spices are much harder to find, but one source is the South End Food Emporium on Columbus Ave in the South End. It looks like a normal convenience store, but seems to be run by Ethiopians and stocks a full range of Ethiopian spices, plus injera and pre-made spiced butter next to the deli meats. Most things are labeled in Amharic script and in transliteration, very few English names. When we went in, the staff when we went in was very helpful to try to make sure we got the right things.


We don't know of many good places. La Chapincita on Moody St in Waltham seems to has most of the basics, including all the kinds of dried chiles you could ever want. I believe the owners are from Central America south of Mexico, however. Russo's has plenty of chiles and other produce.


There are several Indian markets on Moody St in Waltham that all seem to be pretty good (although I was a bit bemused by the Christian children's choir muzak in the least cluttered of the bunch, across Moody St from the others). Also Shalimar on Mass Ave in Central Square, Cambridge. Russo's carries curry leaves.


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